God is a Pig ovvero Porco Dio in Inglese

Porco Dio also said and spelled as “Porcodio” or “Porcoddio” or “Dio Porco” (every form has slight differencies of using) is an italian expression part of the huge group of italian cuss words known as “bestemmie”. It’s the most used and basic bestemmia and like all the other ones it’s highly offensive and should only be used among friends who you know would not get offended. It’s used basically in every kind of situation but it’s real purpose is to be used mixed with some good italian hand gestures as the ultimate imprecation when you are really mad.

Oooohh ma che cazzo fai Porco Dio?
Oooohh what the fuck are you doing Porco Dio?

Porco Dio, che freddo che fa!
Porco Dio, it’s so cold!

Porcoddio ho perso tutti i soldi!
Porcoddio i have loosed all my money!

Steven porco Dio ma da quant’è che sei in ritardo?
Porco Dio, Steven we’ve been waiting for you here for almost one hour!

Dio Porco, quella stronza della professoressa mi ha dato di nuovo un’insufficienza, orcoddio!
Dio Porco, that fucking teacher gave me a shit mark in the test again, orcoddio!

Expressing annoyance
Ma porco Dio la smetti di scassare i coglioni?
Porco Dio can you please stop trying to smash my testicles?

Expressing surprise
John porco Dio guarda quella che tette!
Porco Dio John did you see that booby girl?

Porcoddio che spettacolo!
Porcoddio what a show!

Expressing pain
Aaaaah! Porco Dio che male!
Aaaaah! Porco Dio it hurts!

Nothing at all, put into a normal sentence just to let the people around you know who’s the real alpha male
Ciao Enrico come stai, porco Dio?
What’s up Enrico, porco Dio?

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